Learner drivers are now allowed on the Motorway

June 4th, 2018 by Linda Edwards

As from today the 4th June 2018, learner drivers are allowed to practice on the motorway under the guidance and instruction of an Approved Driving Instructor, and only in a dual controlled vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the ADI to ensure the pupil has reached the required standard of competence to be able to drive on these roads, pupils must be test standard and have a test booked and coming up soon. Failure to have the correct standard could lead to dangerous situations arising while on the motorway.

Pupil’s will be given a choice as to if they wish to take lessons on the motorway before they sit their practical test, but it is voluntary, they can choose to decline if they do not feel ready.

Most newly qualified drivers are nervous or afraid of going on the motorway for the first time, some will undertake additional training before doing so but for many they either just take the risk or plan long unnecessary routes to avoid them. This change has been brought in to help build more confident drivers who are ready for all types of road and traffic conditions including fast roads before their test.

For some students taking lessons that include fast moving dual carriageways or fast country roads are not always possible due to their location and length time of lesson, to be able to incorporate these driving situations in your driving course pupils need to consider taking longer lessons to gain this valuable experience.

The option to take motorway lessons before sitting the practical test will develop the drivers ability and experiences so they are more ready for driving alone after test pass.

The pass plus scheme is still advisable to take after passing a test as this will develop those skills further and will be the first time they drive with no L-Plates on the car.

Talk to your driving instructor about any fears you have about driving on fast moving roads and look at where you could go to gain this experience, how long of a lesson will you need to take to fit in an appropriate route for it? Now that the law has changed, ask yourself if you don’t feel ready to drive on motorways or fast dual carriageways yet, are you ready for the driving test? If you live in an area where this practice is available to you, do consider allowing enough training hours to incorporate it as part of your learning syllabus.

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