Mobile phones and driving

June 27th, 2017 by Linda Edwards

Any one supervising a learner driver needs to set the example regarding using mobile phones, anyone who supervises a learner is also considered to be driving as they hold a responsibility for the safety of the learner and any other road users while the learner practices safe driving, so if while supervising  a learner you answered or picked up your phone you could be not only putting others at risk but also risking a fine and points on your own licence.

Using a hand-held phone whilst driving is a huge safety risk and, from 1 March 2017, the penalty for drivers caught using mobile phones doubled.

Check your phone during a lesson and you now get 6 points and have to pay a £200 fine. Driving instructors can be removed from the ADI register so this could cost you your job.

To avoid temptation, THINK! is encouraging drivers to put their phone away in the glove compartment. THINK! have created stickers to remind drivers to put their phone away before driving.

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