Want to know what we can do for you? our test results say it all!

Robyn FROM Chorley

1st Time

Massive congratulations on first time pass for Robyn at Chorley TC with driving instructor Gaynor Ashworth, what a great early Christmas present.

Georgina Turner FROM Preston

1st Time

First time driving test pass for one of Linda Edwards pupil’s. Georgina took an intensive driving course and sailed through the driving test with a well deserved pass just in time for Christmas, well done and stay safe.

Alicia Gee FROM Chorley

1st Time

Another first time pass this week, Alicia Gee taught by driving instructor Gaynor Ashworth from Chorley. Congratulations and stay safe on the roads.

Holly Hatch FROM Blackburn

1st Time

Massive congratulations for one of Emma Dawson’s pupils Holly on passing her driving test first time after having to wait due to Covid-19. A worthwhile wait we must say, well done.

Chelsie Goodwin FROM Nelson

1st Time

Another driving test pass, this time first time for Chelsie Goodwin, again after a delay due to covid we are now getting back on track with lessons and tests. Chelsie learnt to drive with instructor Emma Dawson.

Sundase Khan FROM Nelson

Congratulations to camera shy Sundase on passing her driving test after taking lessons with instructor Linda Edwards at Nelson test centre. After being delayed to starting her driving course due to covid-19, we finally made it to test with superb results, well done and we wish her well for the future.