Month: May 2017

The simple answer is no!

People are being warned that they could be breaking the law when allowing emergency services to pass by. We should if safe to do so try to get out of the way when we hear sirens or see the blue flashing lights of any emergency vehicle, but only if safe, never put yourself or anyone else in dangers trying to do so.

The highway code says that drivers mustn’t break the law when making room for them, letting them through could help save a life, yes, but doing t illegally could put yourself or other motorists and pedestrians in unnecessary danger. (more…)

It has been confirmed that the ADI Part 3 test is due to change as from the 2 nd October 2017. The changes will mean that the examiner role playing the part of a pupil will be removed and replaced with an actual student. The examiner will sit in the rear to observe a lesson.

Candidates sitting the test from the 2 nd October will need to plan the route for themselves as opposed to the current test being given step by step directions to relay to a “pupil” portrayed by the examiner and arrange a normal one hour lesson with a student, the student may be either a learner driver or a full licence holder needed instruction to develop their driving skills.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has confirmed that the driving test in England, Scotland and Wales will change from Monday 4th December 2017.

The changes are to include the independent driving part to increase to 20 minutes, during this time candidates will need to be able to drive without step by step directions from the examiner, the use of a sat nav may be used instead to direct candidates.

The examiner will provide and set up the sat nav so candidates are not expected to do this and you may not bring your own to the test, you must use the one provided and follow the examiners sat nav.