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Let’s get one thing very clear – a trainee licence can be a useful tool if you are struggling to grasp the part three training or need that extra bit of practice. Usually though, with the right amount of good quality training this is not always necessary. To many big name companies it is a great way to get you signed into a long term contract, paying hundreds of pounds every week for your car and pupils. They also cash in on the mandatory additional training that you must take as a condition of the trainee licence scheme.

If you want a trainee licence, or if your trainer feels you will benefit from one, then we may be able to sponsor you under our own school, spaces permitted, or help you find a suitable sponsor. We will go through what is involved in taking a trainee licence with you and ensure you are fully aware of all the requirements such as the additional training you must then take from the start of the licence prior to being able to sit your Part 3 exam.


Browse the internet and you will find countless companies offering “guaranteed pass” courses, or “guaranteed jobs” once you are qualified. You will also find many offering “guaranteed trainee licence” or making claims that without a trainee licence you will not go on to qualify.

Guaranteed Pass courses can be great if you want some reassurance of additional training without the extra cost, and on some course the test fees paid for as part of your course package meaning that you simply pay up front and just work towards your goal. If you feel however that you will not require the extra training or extra tests then simply buy a basic course with minimum hours required and if need extra just pay for the extra you want.

Nobody can actually guarantee you will pass a test. Even with the best training in the world, and however well prepared you are, the decision of whether you pass or fail any of the tests lays with the examiner. Just like learner drivers, sometimes even if you are the best candidate ever you can get nervous and make a mistake.


We train you with the objective of becoming an instructor – that is what we specialise in. We don’t try to push you into buying extras that simply line our pockets. Your training will be first class by high graded trainers, so you really are in with the best chance of qualifying. We won’t talk you into buying expensive add-on options for extra training. If you want that type of course however the choice is there.

We do not push you into long expensive contracts. We can offer a franchise under our driving school if you wish to take this opportunity. You would be working under the school name but as a self employed individual, you would be responsible for arranging your own car, insurance and tax affairs, we simply provide the pupils and support, all Express Driver Training instructors on a franchise will also receive free CPD training to ensure you will be at the required standard whenever your standards check becomes due.

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