Another update

June 16th, 2020 by linda

We have received more news updates from DVSA regarding a plan on moving forward and trying to reach a restart for the driver training and testing industry.

As of today, DVSA have rescheduled ALL theory tests (excluding those for critical workers needing emergency testing for join the front line) up to and including the 3rd July 2020. As we get closer to that date they will send out more updates as to if tests need to be postponed again or if systems are in place for tests to start to be taken.

ALL practical driving tests have been cancelled until further notice (excluding critical worker tests). No new test dates will be offered until they have a clear date for opening up practical test centres and know that driving instructors are able to safely resume driving lessons again. Once they are able to re-open driving test centres across the board to everyone, test dates will be offered in small batches starting with those who were due to sit their original test and work through the backlog of those currently with tests paid for but on hold. Once all these back log of tests have been allocated then the booking system will open up to everyone else.

The main aim throughout this from the start has been to slow the spread of the virus (COVID-19) protect the NHS and the public and save lives. For the driver training industry to restart the governments 5 tests must be met.

  1. Protect the HNS’s ability to cope.
  2. A sustained and consistent fall in the daily death rates from COVID-19.
  3. Reliable data showing that the rate of infection is decreasing to manageable levels across the board.
  4. Be confident that the range of operational challenges, including testing capacity and PPE, are in had, with supply able to meet future demand.
  5. Be confident that any adjustments to the current measures will not risk a second peak of infections that overwhelms the NHS.

DVSA have made it very clear that at this moment in time, driver training should be limited to critical workers (key workers) only with a either a theory or practical test booked, driving lessons and tests for non critical workers (non – key workers) have not yet been able to restart due to the increased risk of transmission of the virus in vehicles being higher and the fact that the two metre rule for social distancing is impossible.

DVSA are working hard to develop measures that will allow the industry to restart as soon as it is safe to do so. New safety measures will most likely be put in place, such as regular cleaning down of vehicle, before and after each lesson, consideration to wearing of PPE, regular washing of hands etc.

It is expected that not all driving instructors and examiners will be able to return to work at the same time as everyone else, due to themselves being higher risk or considered vulnerable, or they live with someone under this criteria. We would ask everyone to be patient and to expect longer waiting times for both lessons and tests if you are not already booked for these.

Remember this has been an unprecedented and very challenging times for all and we are not out of the woods yet, but are getting a glimmer of coming back to some form of normality. Please continue to be patient and we hope to be back to business soon.

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