High demand

May 11th, 2022 by linda

If you are looking to get your driving lessons started and work towards your full driving licence, please be aware that there is still long waiting lists for new students.

We are doing are best to try and accommodate everyone as soon as we can but with practical tests difficult to book with some centres not having any tests available to book this is having a knock on affect and meaning that current pupil’s are with us longer than normal waiting to sit their practical test.

New appointments will only open up when these pupil’s take and pass their test. One question we are being asked often is “how long will the wait be?” unfortunately we cannot answer this question as it depends on when those pupils do pass. All we can do is add your details to the list and let you know once we can offer an appointment during the times you are looking for.

For those considering intensive courses the same applies, we have to account for those already booked with courses and when the next appointments to book tests for your test centre will open and match that to instructor availability for those instructors who deliver the intensive courses, not all our instructors teach the intensive course as they have regular pupils taking week by week lessons so cannot accommodate a large number of hours in a week for one pupil. With this in mind we are now advising any booking for intensive to be for 2023.

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