We are back

June 26th, 2020 by linda

We have now been given the green light to resume in car driver training from 4th July 2020 for all services. This is great news and means we can now start booking pupils back in again.

Please be patient however as we have a backlog of existing pupils to allocate spaces to and will prioritise those who have been waiting the longest and will have test dates rebooked in the near future first.

Any new pupils wishing to book lessons, you can expect a waiting list and are advised to book in ready to secure your place and a lesson appointment will be offered out in due course after existing pupils.

Theory tests will also be able to take place from the 4th July 2020 and practical test dates will be offered to those on hold from the 22nd July 2020. Once all tests currently on hold have been rearranged, the DVSA will then open up the normal booking service for new tests to be booked in.

Driving lessons and all types of tests will be following covid safe government guidelines and where possible social distancing should be maintained. Where social distancing is not possible other safety measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Any customers on driving instructor training courses, Part 2 training can resume from 4th July 2020 and part 2 test will resume from 22nd July 2020.

Part 3 tests and standard check tests are unconfirmed at this moment in time. All part 3 and SC training will be limited to 1 -1 training with your trainer for the time being as we cannot yet allow 3 people in the car at any one time.

For those pupils who have a practical test on hold or had a date moved due to covid the DVSA will email out links for candidates to rebook their driving test, starting with those first cancelled. If we booked your test for you, we will receive the link to rebook your test. For customers who booked their own practical driving test, we advised you speak with your instructor before accepting a new test date to avoid any problems, if you accept a test but then need to change it due to not being ready or instructors car not being available you then go to the back of the waiting list for new dates and could it could be months before you can take your test.

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