Should learners be allowed on motorways?

July 9th, 2017 by Linda Edwards

There are discussions taking place on whether learner drivers should be allowed to drive on motorways before taking their driving test.

A recent study conducted by the RAC has revealed that a large number of learner drivers do not feel prepared for motorway driving after completing the current practical and theory tests.

Only 14 per cent of 2,000 motorists considered themselves ready for motorway driving, this highlights a potentially huge deficit in driver education.

In the study, 79% of drivers said that if accompanied by an approved instructor in a dualcontrolled car the driving standards of learners would be improved given the option of real-life experience on our fastest roads.

Under the proposal learners will be allowed onto motorways only when in a dual-controlled car and accompanied by a qualified driving instructor. Recognising that some motorists live large distances from motorways and may rarely use them, the motorway element will be optional.

He said: The proposal will enable novice drivers to experience the broadest possible range of driving experiences in a supportive environment, helping them to be better, safer, independent drivers.

Such high speeds can make a driver who has recently passed their test feel nervous and more vulnerable the first time they venture on to these types of roads. If this was taught as part of a driving course before the driving test then more new drivers will feel ready for fast roads once they have passed the test, making them better prepared for driving alone.

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